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CHS - Children's Hospital SREBRNJAK Croatia University

CHS in Zagreb, Croatia, is the leading Croatian hospital developing the strategy for prevention and treatment of respiratory disorders in children, with particular emphasis on asthma and allergies.
CHS was established in 1948 as a specialised hospital offering a complete range of specific programs for children and adolescents suffering from respiratory diseases. Since 2003 it has been recognised and designated as a Reference Centre of Excellency for the treatment of allergies and asthma in children by the Croatian Ministry of Health. Recently, CHS has become a member of the GA2LEN collaborative centers of excellence.
CHS serves the needs of children from birth up to the 18 years of age with about 54.000 visits per year. It cares for children from Zagreb (Croatian capital), children from other regions of Croatia as well as countries in the region.
Judged by the European and international standards for delivery of specialised health care, CHS is a highly ranked institution particularly excelling in the following areas of biomedical research and practice: pulmonology, allergology, immunology and bronchology.
Currently, hospital is organised through 11 departments and 5 clinics comprising out-­‐patient and in-­‐patient care.
CHS is engaged in continuous education of physicians in allergic diseases and asthma in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in education of their physicians. CHS is the teaching hospital for graduate and postgraduate students of Medical Schools Universities of Zagreb and Osijek.
Along with its main activities CHS provides extensive range of systematic prevention measures of asthma through the structured activities such as Asthma School, Asthma Children's Camp, Parents' Association of Asthmatic Children meetings, Asthma phone and individual consultations.
Children's Hospital SREBRNJAK Croatia University
  Mirjana Turkalj
Srebrnjak 100 - 10000 ZAGREB