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MOVERIM - Moverim Consulting

Founded in 2001 and based in the very heart of the EU decision-making process, MOVERIM is a platform providing information-monitoring, communication and dissemination services to improve the knowledge on EU policies and programmes related to Research and Innovation.
Yet, the most important side of MOVERIM’s professional offer is its capacity of connecting the European Institutions with their relevant stakeholders and making them communicate in a virtuous and productive way. As a matter of fact, thanks to its long experience and presence in Brussels, MOVERIM has built up a strong network of both institutional and technical stakeholders working in common areas of expertise. An essential part of the networking process is accomplished though accurate screenings and analysis; such task is carried out by professionals who provide all the information necessary to: 
- spread a relevant but technical message to a wider public 
- find and reach the ideal recipient of a specific piece of information.
More precisely, as far as research is concerned, MOVERIM has the expertise to turn a scientific and often very cryptic message into a more understandable and attractive information, besides making its effects sustainable in time. Moreover, we strongly believe that a proactive and anticipatory approach is fundamental to guarantee the sustainability of an idea, since very often the final outcome of an idea is appreciable only in a long-term perspective. 
In addition, as regards project design, MOVERIM is fully deft and proficient in planning and implementing the dissemination activities, at different levels and addressing different targets of stakeholders, as well as in mediating during the negotiation process with the EC.
Moverim Consulting
  Laura Vivani
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