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RRes - Rothamsted Research

Rothamsted is the longest running agricultural research station in the world, providing cutting-edge science and innovation for nearly 170 years. Its mission is to deliver the knowledge and new practices to increase crop productivity and quality and to develop environmentally sustainable solutions for food and energy production.

Rothamsted Research is performing cutting edge scientific research on the critical factors responsible for plant productivity, crop quality and agricultural sustainability and engage with the public to translate results into robust technologies that can be used by policymakers, agribusinesses, food manufacturers energy companies and farmers to improve crop yields and enhance nutrition, contribute to energy security, reduce the carbon footprint of farming and protect and nurture the agricultural environment. Prediction of impacts of climate change on crops, pests, diseases and weeds and determining the risk posed by new invasive species to agriculture and biodiversity  is a major research objective for the Department of Computational and Systems Biology.

Rothamsted Research
  Dr Mikhail Semenov
Harpenden Hertfordshire AL5 2JQ
United Kingdom