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RRes - Storkey Jonathan

Short Profile

Dr Jonathan Storkey has 15 years experience in weed ecology and has established a body of work on the plant functional traits that determine the response of weeds to the environment and management and their effect on crop yield and biodiversity. He has also been responsible for developing and applying modelling techniques to the challenge of reconciling weed competition with biodiversity. He is currently contributing to the BBSRC project on plant communities under climate change and two EU projects, RUBICODE and ENDURE. Dr. Storkey is leading the development of a weed trait database that will improve our understanding of weed functional ecology and provide parameters for a generic model of weed population dynamics. These projects taken together are contributing to a novel framework for predicting the impact of change on annual plant communities by combining process based models with databases of plant traits to quantify the shift in available ecological niches in terms of functional trait space.